Palmyra United Methodist Church
Palmyra, Virginia

United Methodist Church Protective Coverings

This country church had recently been repainted, and they decided to replace their old yellowed plastic coverings with new tempered glass coverings. We removed all the old plastic, cleaned the frames, thoroughly cleaned the glass, and then installed the new protective coverings. The difference was night and day. Now instead of the windows being muted by the foggy plastic, they could once again be brilliant. Parishioners commented that it made the stained glass look new again. The new tempered glass will never fade or yellow.

Methodist Church Protective Coverings United Methodist Church Protective Covering  

“The longer we work with Mr. Cain and his studio artisans, the more convinced we are that we employed the best help we could get for the protection of our stained glass windows at Palmyra United Methodist Church. The windows are one of the most valuable parts of our church. They needed to be protected. Mr. Cain suggested to us some options and let us select the method most comfortable to us.
“After covering our five stained glass windows with vented, glass protective coverings, we had an incident where a mower threw a wooden projectile through a cathedral glass window pane on the side of our sanctuary (not one of our stained glass windows, thankfully). On the same day as the incident, Mr. Cain was at our church, without asking, to tape up the hole while the replacement glass process could be carried out to find the match to the other windows located there. You rarely find that kind of service in today’s business world.
“We highly recommend his company and artisans for all things window covering and/or stained glass window design.”

Ron Fertile, Co-Chairman of Trustees Palmyra United Methodist Church
258 Palmyra Way Box 151,
Palmyra, VA 22963