Traditional Stained Glass

Art Glass Windows – Fork Union, VA

This project has so many details tucked away, so many little hidden gems. The windows themselves were created for an old plantation house near Fork Union, Virginia, in the country outside of Richmond, Virginia. The design was created specifically to match the antique feel and look of much of the rest of the farm, and the glass chosen to match. The owners are equestrians, and have a passion for old pony carts and carriages. These windows were for the carriage house, and so rightly showcased the horse and carriage. The lead on these windows is sculpted to be three dimensional, with sculpted solder horses and fleur de lis as well. The medallions are simple but detailed; one immortalizing a special pony and the other a carriage.

Tudor Home Beveled Glass Window – Richmond, VA

This was a series of 4 windows I created for a home in Richmond, Virginia somewhere around 30 years ago. My intention was to pick up on the design elements in the Tudor home.

This gave me an opportunity to use our 3/8″ thick glass to compliment the heavy interior wood molding and glue chipped glass, for privacy.

Studies in our Studio – Bremo Bluff, VA

A sidelight we beveled on our 1915 machinery. By holding the glass over rotating iron, stone, cork, and felt, one achieves many small facets that give our bevel glass windows their sparkle.

Skylight – Richmond, VA

Richmond, Virginia is full of historical homes. I built this skylight in 2007, to replace the one that was beyond repair.

Skylights are such a rich focal point in architecture. This one is at the top of a 3-story staircase, which surrounded the view with beautiful millwork.

Art Deco Window – Richmond, VA

Circa 1980, back when I created an Art Deco series for the 5th Avenue Restaurant across from Pleasant’s Hardware in Richmond, VA. We found it interesting, the effect we were able to create with different textures of clear glass.

Beveled Glass Door and Transom – Richmond, VA

We hand beveled 3/8″ thick glass for this entryway so we could achieve a variable bevel that radiates from 1/2″ in the center to 1″ along the outer edges of the window. This gave a very nice movement to the light as it traveled along the bevel, widening and narrowing as one moved to each side. We created this entryway for a home in the Church Hill section of Richmond, Virginia.

Historic Beveled Glass Window – Richmond, VA

We were tasked with replicating the design and brilliance of hand-beveled stained glass windows in a home on Richmond Virginia’s Monument Avenue, a Historic District. We carefully worked the pattern to fit in the opening, and then ground each bevel by hand on our 100 year old antique Henry Lang beveling machinery. The glow and richness of hand-ground bevels can’t be beat. The window sparkles with just the barest amount of light hitting it, and has an impact both inside and out.

Tiffany Style Stained Glass – Midlothian, VA

One of three windows for a living room. We started out making the transoms to help control the sunlight into the room. Several years later, we added the bottom area using wavy restoration glass with a beveled glass center. Then the idea evolved to build little glass shelves into the window to hold some of the owners blown glass collection.

Carved Beveled  Glass Door – Richmond, VA

Carved, beveled 3/8″ thick glass.

Celtic Cross – Charlottesville, VA

Beveled and Carved Glass Door – Richmond, VA

We used 3/8″ beveled and carved glass for this set of doors.

Art Glass Transom – Midlothian, VA

Sylized Peacock transom for a historic home.

Art Deco Mirror – Tobacco Company – Richmond, VA


Tiffany Style Art Glass – Richmond, VA

A partition seperating the power room from the bathroom, where our client wanted the look of a Tiffany wisteria window. The iron gate is actually part of the window design that evolved as we work together. This project received both sunlight and artificial light, creating a moody effect throughout the day and evening.

Beveled and Carved Chandelier – Richmond, VA

Painted Stained Glass Vines and Grasshopper – Crewe, VA

This wonderful window was commissioned for a historic home in Crewe Virginia, to compliment the finished renovations. Coming forth from a hill, the briar vine weaves up and through the geometric window, giving this piece a light, airy feel. Painted on completely transparent German mouth-blown glass, this window allows the room to remain light while creating a jewel in this home.

Painted Family Crest – Richmond, VA

A front door window for a historic home we created around 13 years ago. Blown glass from Germany, painted, etched, and assembled with zinc.

Beveled Art Glass – Bremo Bluff, VA

Beveling colored glass seemed like the perfect material for this whiplash design. A transom window for a traditional dining room, this piece seems timeless.

Curved Beveled Glass Cabinet – Richmond, VA

The curved doors in this cabinet required that we bevel glass that was curved to the exact angle of the doors. By making a wood mold the size and curvature of the door, we were able to bend the zinc and then build the window in the traditional way.

Beveled Glass Window- Potomac, MD

Created for a mud room where the owner wanted privacy but to still be able to see people coming down his driveway. Created by beveling our glue chip glass, clear glass, and a light gold colored glass.

Art Glass Transom – Bremo Bluff, VA

Beveling with colored glass gives this window its unique sparkle, while immaculate bevels help definition.

Traditional Brilliant Cut and Beveled Glass Transom – Potomac Maryland

We stylized this hand beveled window by using floating caming, zipper cuts, and brilliant cutting.

Leaded Stained Glass Cabinets – Richmond, VA

Art Deco-inspired cabinet doors. These windows are lit from inside the cabinet to help balance the translucent and opaque glass. Backlighting can be challenging but often provides a special touch to space.

Fork Union Military Academy – Alumni House – Fork Union, VA

This beveled glass window was designed and made for the entrance door. Most of our glass beveling is done on 1/4″ or 5/16″ glass, like the windows you see along Monument Avenue in Richmond, VA. We started using 3/8″ glass so our windows would “hold its own” when surrounded by heavy trim molding. The areas that appear dark are actually emerald green glass.

Carved Glass Restuarant Doors – Richmond, VA

A couple of carved doors we created around 35 years ago for a restaurant.

In order to pass coding, we used 1/2″ laminated glass made of two 1/4″ thick pieces of glass. This gave us the thickness we needed to have a nice beveled edge and to carve into the glass without touching the plastic resin between the two pieces.

Studies in our Studio – Bremo Bluff, VA

One of the beveled glass windows we have created using traditional designs in our Historical Collection. Some we create true to the originals, while others we embellish upon with various glass beveling techniques we’ve learned over the years.

Farmhouse Transom – Bremo Bluff, VA

By beveling the background glass, a 1/8″ flash glass from Germany – gold on clear, I wanted to emphasize the light surrounding the floral image – halation.

I created this transom around 1990, for a beautiful old farmhouse. I feel fortunate to have spent my life creating thoughtful and beautiful accent pieces for architecture.

Beveled Glass Transom – Richmond, VA

By slightly varying the widths of this fan transom, I believe it contributes to the inviting charm of this entryway into a well-appointed sun porch.

Residential Stained Glass – Charlottesville, VA

A Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired creation for a front door.