“People do not care how much you know
until they know how much you care.”
-John C. Maxwell
Creating one-of-a-kind Art Glass Windows
by sharing our ideas,
processes, and resources
developed over the last 48 years.

“Wild Grapes”

Our most advanced project to date, using our “painting with glass” technique – inspired by impressionist’s paintings with their emphasis on light and color.

“Exquisitely beautiful. I love the almost silhouetted view of the vine and grapes against the crisp blue sky with the wonderfully casual overlays of glass on the various shades of green and yellow leaves creating so much depth and elusive movement. The grapes are wonderful catching fragmented shafts of light amongst the leaves with the color variation of each grape forming a real bunch that appears to pop out of the composition ready to be picked. It is so real. Very captivating and delightful artwork.”

Nada Kesic