How To Commission Us

How we can work together:

– Over the phone using our website to discuss options and price ranges.
– A visit to our studio to see our work firsthand.
– A visit to your site in which we bring our portfolios and glass samples.

We enjoy listening to your ideas and sharing ours. Once we have a concept, we request a design deposit based on the overall budget. Then, we collaboratively explore the many possibilities of line, color, and budgets. Budgets and financial arrangements are worked out mutually and vary according to size, complexity, and time frame. Once we have our ideas on paper, we begin creating your project and keep you updated by email.

Our creations follow the traditional methodology of the artist/craftsman. Discoveries and advancement of the project take place over the entire process. “Living” with a project gives us the time to study line and color in order to achieve our best work. All of our windows are one of a kind. They are designed specifically for you and will never be reproduced. At the end of our project, you will receive a letter with a photograph of your window and our written guarantee.

We invite you to invest a few minutes of your time to explore our extensive portfolio to learn more about the many possibilities we could lend to your project.

Email –

By far the most effective way to reach us, this ensures that there is an easy reference to the job on our computer. We check our email regularly, and send all of our photographic updates via email.

Telephone – 434-842-3984

We are near our office phone when in the studio, but there is an answering machine if we can’t make it or are on-site. Please feel free to leave a message with a contact number so we can get back in touch with you.


  Cain, Inc. 765 Bremo Bluff Road Bremo Bluff, Virginia 23022

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As a studio, we work in a collaborative way with our clients, sharing resources, ideas, and the knowledge we’ve gained over the years from exploring our craft. As a group of Artist/Craftsmen, we work in an environment of creativity – constantly reevaluating new information.

All of our art glass windows are designed and created in our studio. Our projects include many significant commercial and religious restorations and the creation of new art glass windows based on traditional designs and techniques. The majority of our commissions are contemporary art glass widows influenced by our designs and the advancement of various processes. Our work is sought after by people who appreciate our aesthetics and how we work in a collaborative way.
For a snapshot of our history, click here.

One at a time, by hand and eye, we create site-specific art glass windows tailored to our clients’ desires. Light and color are our passion. To draw them out, we work with stained glass from all around the world, leverage our in-house flameworking studio, bevel on 1915 Henry Lang machinery, as well as carve, paint, stain, and etch stained glass.

Our goal is to create beautiful windows that become the focal point in architecture.


A lot of thought goes into the preparation of our art.

Communication with our client, often visiting the site, designing and design approval,
creating patterns, color selection, and pulling together the materials are all necessary for a successful project.

We estimate that we are halfway through a project before we even cut the first piece of glass.

We learned many years ago that to produce one-of-a-kind, handmade objects, and to work on the level of care and attention that we wanted, we’d have to keep our expenses as low as possible in order to direct the money that was allocated for the project to be used for it’s development.

This is why we work in a barn in rural Virginia. We do not have a sales force, or a secretary, and obviously, we have very low overhead. Our dedication to organization and efficiency and our willingness to put forth the effort have allowed us to make a living while developing our art for the past 50 years.

We work directly with you, no middleman, to not only keep our cost down but also to ensure clear communication that is so vital to a successful project.

We start each project by sharing ideas about design, materials, and schedule. From there I give a budget range that I believe the project will require. If this meets your approval, we will then work together to form a more detailed plan.

How We Do Business Throughout America:

Working in a barn in rural Virginia with the internet, email, photography, postal service, and freight connects us to wherever you are in America.

This gives us the quickest and most cost effective way to communicate as we collaborate to create your one-of-a-kind art glass window.

The question we are most often asked, “How do we ship a window across country?”

By wrapping your window in bubble wrap, and then building a crate around it. Then, wrapping bubble wrap around that crate and placing it into a larger crate.