Stained Glass Repair and Protective Coverings

A successful Art Glass restoration is not only dependent upon structurally reworking the piece, but of preserving the artistic intent and experience of the window. As an Artist Studio, we pride ourselves upon the ability to connect with the original artist of the work to be restored, and strive to keep our work consistent with theirs. This is not only a matter of color or exterior appearance, but of glass texture, thickness, metal came, patina color, and support bar techniques.

Our clients understand the efforts that go into such an endeavor and expect nothing short of receiving the best possible solution.

We believe protective covering should:

– Be either safety or tempered glass for their architectural and never-yellowing qualities. Lexan only for highly vandalized areas.
– Blend with the architecture. Material should be recessed into the existing molding without any unnecessary metal channeling.
– Be properly ventilated to protect windows from premature degradation.
– Be easily removed for future building maintenance.

Read what others have to say about us.
The Scott House
Richmond, VA

The Scott House, completed in 1911 and more than 18,000 square feet, was designed by Richmond architecture firm Noland and […]

St. Elizabeth’s Catholic Church
Richmond, VA

Our recently completed cleaning and installation of protective covering for St. Elizabeth’s Catholic Church in Richmond, Virginia. Due to vandalism […]

Trinity United Methodist Church
Amelia, VA

Scraping, caulking, priming, and painting wood frames before installing protective covering. We received several comments later about how much more […]

The Huguenot Society of the Founders of Manakin in the Colony of Virginia
Midlothian, VA

This window only required light restoration, due to the fact it had been covered many years ago. We also placed […]

Skylight Restoration
Baltimore, MD

This was a skylight from the stairwell of a three-story townhouse in Baltimore, Maryland. There is a general rule in […]

Monterey Presbyterian Church
Monterey, VA

The challenge in projects like this one, which is 100 years old, is finding matching glass. We visited The Paul […]

Palmyra United Methodist Church
Palmyra, VA

Removed old panes and installed leaded glass for a more historical look.  Installed clear protective covering with a ventilation system.

Emanuel Episcopal
Chatham, Virginia

This historic Episcopal church in downtown Chatham was in need of some attention. Though the lead was in good shape, […]

Louisa Christian Church
Louisa, VA

This project required the removal of plastic that was used as protective covering and in turn “yellowed.” Usually the yellowing […]

Wakefield Baptist Church
Wakefield, VA

Before restoration This church is an excellent example of our approach toward beautiful small country churches. Our philosophy is not to […]

Fork Union Military Academy Chapel
Fork Union, VA

One of the great pleasures of our work is working on beautiful stained glass windows that inspire our own work. […]

First Christian Church
Hopewell, VA

Removing faded and yellowing plastic coverings and replacing them with clear tempered or safety glass with proper venting systems is […]

Shady Grove United Methodist Church
Glen Allen, VA

Removed existing faded plastic covering and installed 1/4, clear tempered glass with a ventilation system.

Church of the Incarnation
Mineral, VA
Mineral Baptist Church Protective Coverings ©Cain Art Glass 2016, All Rights Reserved

This was a complete restoration, in which we removed each window, removed the old putty and glazing and replaced with […]

Northside Baptist Church
Mechanicsville, VA

“Walking through our sanctuary recently, we noticed a support piece from one of our stained glass windows was sitting on the […]

Bethel Baptist Church
Midlothian, VA

Established in 1817, Bethel has become a vital part of the community life in Midlothian, and has achieved both national and […]

Hotel Richmond
Richmond, Virginia
Hotel Richmond Stained Glass Restoration - ©Cain INC

These wonderful windows were hidden under over a hundred years of filth, covered up so that no light was able […]

Schwarzschild Home Monument Avenue
Richmond, Virginia

  This beautiful home on Monument Avenue in Richmond, Virginia was undergoing a complete restoration by Dovetail Construction, and this […]

Fluvanna Baptist Church
Scottsville, Virginia
Fluvanna Baptist Stained Glass ©Cain Art Glass 2016, All Rights Reserved

This beautiful country church has been standing since 1852, and churches of this age all begin to suffer from the same […]

Wesley’s Chapel United Methodist Church
Scottsville, Virginia
United Methodist Chapel Stained Glass Protection ©Cain Art Glass 2016, All Rights Reserved

      This lovely little chapel in rural Fluvanna County, Virginia was in need of some attention. Having been […]

Seay’s Chapel Methodist Church
Palmyra, Virginia
Seay's Chapel Protective Coverings Church Stained Glass Repair Detail ©Cain Art Glass 2016, All Rights Reserved

Seay’s Chapel Methodist Church is a historic Methodist church located near Palmyra, Fluvanna County, Virginia. It was built between 1893 […]

Mineral Baptist Church
Mineral, Virginia
Mineral Baptist Church Protective Coverings ©Cain Art Glass 2016, All Rights Reserved

After the August 2011 earthquake just a few miles away, this historic church in Mineral, Virginia sustained heavy damage. A […]

Palmyra United Methodist Church
Palmyra, Virginia
United Methodist Church Protective Coverings

This country church had recently been repainted, and they decided to replace their old yellowed plastic coverings with new tempered […]

Bingham’s United Methodist Church
Dyke, VA

This humble country church called us to repair broken pieces within their windows and to permanently paint dedication plaques to […]

Stained Glass Painting Restoration
Haymarket, VA
Stained Glass Painting Restoration Washington ©Cain Art Glass 2016, All Rights Reserved

This was a private restoration for a couple in the Washington DC area. They had a beautiful painted glass window […]

Private Residence
Montgomery County, Maryland

                  These beautiful windows had been brought to the US from England […]

Forest Grove Christian Church
Goochland, VA

Removed old and inserted new glass along with our custom-designed medallions. Then installed protective covering with a ventilation system.

Lutheran Church Of Our Redeemer
Petersburg, VA

Restoring windows back to their original beauty after vandalism. Installed clear protective covering with a ventilation system. An example of […]

St. Thomas Aquinas Church
Charlottesville, VA

Here we were asked to remove four existing windows, reconfigure the design, and relocate to a new location within the […]

Transom Restoration
Richmond, Virginia

A residential transom that we restored.

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
Salem, VA

This is one of two large windows in which both of the wood frames had to be replaced. We braced […]

Historic Manor Chapel
Baltimore, Maryland

This Historic Chapel, located on a private estate that dates back to before the Civil War, was being completely restored, […]

Colonial Heights Baptist Church
Colonial Heights, VA

As churches grow and rebuild, they often take their stained glass windows with them. Here we removed one of the […]

French Ambassador’s Home
Washington, DC

Southern exposure is hard on leaded glass. In this section of the home, the leaded glass was literally falling out […]

Church of Our Savior
Charlottesville, VA

Here we removed all of the stained glass windows, brought them to our studio, and removed all of the lead […]

Grace Episcopal Church
Bremo Bluff, VA

A beautiful church in Fluvanna, Virginia with several styles of stained glass that were greatly enhanced by removing the faded plastic and replacing with […]

Fork Union Baptist Church
Fork Union, VA
Fork Union Baptist Church Stained Glass Restoration Cain Inc 2016

Removing faded and yellowing plastic coverings and replacing them with clear tempered or safety glass with proper venting systems is […]

Baltimore, MD

This is the original skylight window for a four-story stair case in the historic district of Baltimore, Maryland. Found in […]

Shalom Baptist Church
Mechanicsville, VA

This church was moving and wanted to take their stained glass window with them. We removed the old ones along […]

Leaded Glass Transom Windows

A couple of leaded-glass windows that we restored and replaced at college campuses in Virginia. “We first worked with Mr. […]

Tabernacle Baptist Church
Petersburg, Virginia
Baptist Church Stained Glass Transom ©Cain Art Glass 2016, All Rights Reserved

After this historic Baptist church in Petersburg was vandalized, we were tasked to replicate the century-old window for this historic […]

Congregation Beth Israel
Charlottesville, VA

This project required us to reduce the size of a window to allow for a new doorway.

Lutheran Church of Our Redeemer
Petersburg, VA
stained glass protective covering on a church using tempered glass

An example of our goal is to preserve the aesthetics of the architecture when installing protective covering.

Palmyra United Methodist
Palmyra, VA
palmyra united methodist church new stained glass windows and tempered glass protective covering

I’m often asked, “Are you working on any big jobs right now?” Often, it’s not the size of the job […]

New Line Baptist Church
Gum Spring, VA

We replaced rotted wood sills with cypress. Scraped, caulked, and painted their frames. Installed protective covering.

Bethel United Methodist Church
Rochelle, VA

Sometimes, we get to work in some of the most beautiful places in Central Virginia. Bethel United Methodist Church in […]