As a young man, I was influenced by the Artist/Craftsman movement where one designs and builds original objects. I love the translucency of nature, so glass seemed like the perfect material. Being self-taught, I have followed my passion for 47 years, working intuitively, alone, and with others to achieve my life’s work.

"Memorial Sculpture"
Working glass over a torch (flameworking) gave me the freedom to interpret music in glass.
One of my early drawings, moving away from the symmetry of traditional windows.
I created this design to show that one does not have to have symmetry to create balance.

Side lights for owners of a vineyard.

Doors for a Spanish home.
An early example of combining traditional and contempory design.

Bannister used to create a skylight.

Stylized clouds for a beach home.
Sketch for a beveled and carved door
Traditional design with a clear center for observing cars coming down the driveway.
Whiplash design for carved coffeetable.

Sculpture ideas using bronze and glass.

Designs I created for my own enjoyment.

Artificial light

The “moodiness” of glass.

Influenced by the Green & Green period
How my contempory work has developed using various bevels, colors, and textures.