Public Art Glass

6th Street Marketplace – Richmond, VA

The 6th street Market window was created in one piece; a ten-foot diameter stained glass window. The reinforcing bars were a work of art unto themselves to achieve this size. We inserted beveled glass so the window would sparkle with the sun in the day and car lights at night. These windows are now owned by the Valentine Museum in Richmond, Virginia.


Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum – Ohio State University – Columbus, OH

This project was years in the making and an honor to be a part of. We worked with curators and the family of Billy Ireland to design a window that reflected his artistry and informed the public of his brilliance. We felt a connection to Billy Ireland; as self-taught artists, we appreciated his creativity and liveliness. We custom-designed the two windows, one for the reading room and one for the foyer of Sullivant Hall, and spent months painting the panels and custom fabricating the steel and bronze frames. This project is one of our finest achievements and was a pleasure to participate in.

The Ballroom – The Paramount Theatre – Charlottesville, VA

Our client did not want the brash look of new mirrors, so by contaminating silver nitrate and rolling it around on a 2′ by 3′ sheet of glass, we created these “antique” mirrors. Cutting our sheets to size, we selected a place for each mirror around the room to achieve a balanced effect.

Tandem Friends School – Charlottesville, VA

This window was created for the art room of a private school, grades 5 through 12. With the tree as their symbol, we wanted the window to express the students’ energy, creativity, and spontaneity. The tree was created using rolled stained glass with varying textures to give the effect of light filtering through the leaves. The surrounding area was created by hand beveling flash glass (a layer of color on a clear base) from West Germany. When completed, we made around 15 glass leaves with our flame-working and attached them to the window as if they were blowing in the wind.

Jefferson-Pilot Building – Winston-Salem, NC

A twelve-foot diameter skylight for a bank in North Carolina. With a concave bow, we constructed this with a framework of T-bars and built the sections to fit like a drop ceiling. The trick is to bend the panels along the lead lines and brace them with reinforcing bars to achieve and hold the curve.

The Book Bindery Building – Richmond, VA

A European design for a traditional building. Using a light background hand-blown glass from West Germany, with emerald green and beveled glass as accents, we gave this window a feel of “organized energy”.