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By far the most effective way to reach us, this ensures that there it is an easy reference to the job on our computer. We check our email regularly and send all of our photographic updates via email.

Telephone – 434-842-3984

We are near our office phone when in the studio, but there is an answering machine if we can’t make it or are on-site. Please feel free to leave a message with a contact number so we can get back in touch with you.


765 Bremo Bluff Road
Bremo Bluff, Virginia 23022

The Story of Our Work

Creating the “Jewels” for architecture since 1972.

One at a time, by hand and eye, we create site specific art glass widows tailored to our clients desires. Light and color are our passion as we work with stained glass from around the world, our in house flame working facilities, carving, painting, staining, etching and beveling on our 1915 machinery.

Our professional approach to our art has endeared us to many of our clients as we share our experience and resources to help them achieve a lasting work of art to enhance the character and refinement of their architecture.

We invite you to invest a few minutes of your time and view our extensive portfolio to see for yourself if there is a place for our work in your life.

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