Painted Stained Glass Madonna
Bremo Bluff, VA

Madonna and Child Stained Glass ©Cain Art Glass 2016, All Rights Reserved Eaton Bishop Church Stained Glass ©Cain Art Glass 2016, All Rights Reserved

Much of what we have learned has come from our study of historic windows. We were particularly drawn to this section of the 14th century Eaton Bishop church in Herefordshire, England because it represented a turning point in religious art. The Virgin no longer seems stiff as in earlier windows, and is depicted with a supple, s-shaped form and lively, facial expressions.

We created this window to learn from the artists and craftsmen of this period. Using the finest handblown glass from Europe for color and glass painting for the subtleties of line, this window represents some of our finest work.

The Eaton Bishop study (shown left) is on display in our studio and is used in presentations to church committees considering stained glass for their places of worship.

Eaton Bishop Church ©Cain Art Glass 2016, All Rights Reserved