New Workmanship

New Work


It is the role of the artist to give us something new.
‘New Work’ represents our growth and development beyond traditional art glass.


artcraftsman-10 con-11b
Our windows are asymmetrical, yet balanced.

Created with different thicknesses and
textures of glass that are hand
beveled at various angles.


nw4-s nw3-2

Incorporating color using fine european hand-blown glass
and our own flameworking.



nw12 nw11 nw13-2
Developing our new style, sketch by sketch


con-13b nw21 con-12b

Free form beveling around sculptured metal creates the illusion of
ice on the early morning vine


contemporary-30 con-20b

Working glass over a flame enhances its translucency and frees us from
encasing each piece of glass in metal



Tribute window to the work of cartoonist Billy Ireland.