Elk Hill Farm School Chapel
Goochland, VA

The changing of the seasons surrounded by royal colors gives this stained glass window a balance of casualness and formality, an excellent combination for a boy’s school. We cut holes in the window about the size of a quarter and inserted chandelier parts so that rays of light travel around the chapel when the sun moves.

St. Thomas Aquinas Church
Charlottesville, VA

Along with the icon, the stained glass committee wanted thirteen contemporary stained glass windows interpreting the paintings of one of their parishioners, Mary Atkinson. Here we chose to use an adhesive to bond the stained glass to a sheet of tempered glass, removing the need for lead lines and giving us a “painted canvas” effect.

Fused Stained Glass Doors
Corolla, NC

Fused Stained Glass Doors - North Carolina ©Cain Art Glass 2016, All Rights Reserved Fused Glass: By cutting the glass slightly larger than the pattern, we can overlap the edges and fuse the glass in our kilns. Instead of a piece of lead holding the glass together, a seam of glass catches the light and highlights the design. As the sun moves, the light moves from one seam to another, bringing the window to life. We created eight windows like this for a beach home’s kitchen in Corolla, North Carolina. Fused Stained Glass Doors - Corolla, NC ©Cain Art Glass 2016, All Rights Reserved

“First Frost” Sculpted Window

Sculpted Vine Contemporary Stained Glass Window ©Cain Art Glass 2016, All Rights Reserved One in a series of windows we created to simulate the vineyard’s last few days of fall. Beveling stained glass, fusing other portions, and sculpturing the solder for depth, we could bring out the piece’s true character.