Traditional Stained Glass

Carrying on the tradition of our craft.

Our traditional windows are influenced by the many windows we have restored over the years and our extensive collection of historic designs. Rarely do we actually reproduce a window but combine different design elements from the past and our imagination to create pleasing accents to architecture.

To see examples of sketches we have created to express our design ideas please click Here


Richmond, VA

Richmond, Virginia is full of historical homes. I built this skylight in 2007, to replace the one that was beyond […]

Farmhouse Transom
Bremo Bluff, VA

By beveling the background glass, a 1/8″ flash glass from Germany – gold on clear, I wanted to emphasize the […]

Art Deco Window
Richmond, VA

Circa 1980, back when I created an Art Deco series for the 5th Avenue Restaurant across from Pleasant’s Hardware in […]

Painted Stained Glass Vine
Crewe, VA

This wonderful window was commissioned for a historic home in Crewe Virginia, to compliment the finished renovations. Coming forth from […]

Art Glass Windows
Fork Union, Virginia

  This project has so many details tucked away, so many little hidden gems. The windows themselves were created for […]

Historic Beveled Glass
Richmond Virginia

We were tasked with replicating the design and brilliance of hand-beveled stained glass windows in a home on Richmond Virginia’s […]

Tiffany Style Stained Glass
Midlothian, VA

One of three windows for a living room. We started out making the transoms to help control the sunlight into […]

Art Glass Transom
Midlothian, Virginia

Stylized Peacock

Tiffany Style Art Glass
Richmond, Virginia

A partition seperating the power room from the bathroom, where our client wanted the look of a Tiffany wisteria window. […]

Beveled Art Glass
Bremo Bluff, Virginia

Beveling colored glass seemed like the perfect material for this whiplash design. A transom window for a traditional dining room, […]

Curved Beveled Glass
Richmond, VA

The curved doors in this cabinet requred that we bevel glass that was curved to the exact angle of the […]

Traditional Art Glass
Potomac, Maryland

We stylized these hand beveled windows by using floating caming, zipper cuts and brilliant cutting. Beveling with colored glass gives […]

Beveled Glass Window
Potomac, MD

Created for a mud room where the owner wanted privacy but to still be able to see people coming down […]

Leaded Stained Glass
Richmond, Virginia

Art Deco inspired cabinet doors. These windows are lit from inside the cabinet to help the balance the translucent and […]

Fork Union Military Alumni House
Fork Union, VA

  This beveled glass window was designed and made for the entrance door. Most of our glass beveling is done […]

Beveled Glass Transom
Richmond, VA

Varying the widths on this fan window made it more interesting than the traditional, even spaced designs of the past. […]

Charlottesville, VA

A Frand Lloyd Wright inspired creation for a front door. 

Richmond, Virginia

We hand beveled 3/8″ thick glass for this entryway so we could achieve a variable bevel that radiates from 1/2″ […]

Studies in Our Studio – Virginia

               Just some of the beveled glass windows we have created using traditional designs […]

Beveled Glass and Glue Chipped Windows
Richmond, VA

This is a collaboration with the owner of an 1880’s home in Churchill, Virginia. An excellent example of how our […]

Tudor Home Window
Richmond, VA

This was a series of 4 windows I created for a home in Richmond, Virginia somewhere around 30 years ago. […]

Beveled Glass Window
Bremo Bluff, VA

A couple of sidelights we beveled on our 1915 machinery. By holding the glass over rotating iron, stone, cork, and […]