Who We Are


These are the happiest days of my life.


Art is both an inward journey and collaboration. Most of the time one of us takes a lead role, usually because the commission lends itself to a strength one of us has. However, much discussion goes on when the need arises and time is a valuable asset in letting ideas evolve. If we find ourselves agreeing too often we become a little concerned.

I greatly appreciate what Daniel beings to this studio. Starting out over 40 years ago, when an artist could make a living with a couple of number twos and a crate of glass, I would have missed a great deal working in this electronic age without Daniel as a partner. Like many places of endeavor, ‘new blood’ not only revives the established but secures the future. Not a day goes by that Daniel doesn’t surprise or impress me in some way. Two self-directed fellows with so many resources, a willingness to take risk and backing each other up when needed has created a work place that is fun, productive, and fulfilling.