As a young man, I was influenced by the Artist/Craftsman movement where one designs and builds original objects. I love the translucency of nature, so glass seemed like the perfect material. Being self-taught, I have followed my passion for 46 years, working intuitively, alone and with others to achieve my life’s work.

“Memorial Sculpture”Working glass over a torch (flameworking) gave me the freedom to interpret music in glass.
One of my early drawings, moving away from the symmetry of traditional windows.I created this design to show that one does not have to have symmetry to create balance.
Side lights for owners of a vineyard.
Doors for a Spanish home.An early example of combining traditional and contempory design.
Bannister used to create a skylight.
Stylized clouds for a beach home.Sketch for a beveled and carved door
Traditional design with clear center for observing cars coming down driveway.Whiplash design for carved coffeetable.
 Sculpture ideas using bronze and glass.
Designs I created for my own enjoyment.
The “moodiness” of glass
SunlightArtificial light.
Influenced by the Green & Green period

How my contempory work has developed using various
bevels, colors and textures.



After transforming our design to a rubber stencil on the glass, we cut the design with an exacto knife.

To achieve the depth and shadows for a landscape design such as this we carved with various mediums from fine to coarse.

Removing the stencil, carving, replacing the stencil, carving… we build on the process.

Sculpted Tree Beveled Glass Window
Midlothian, Virginia

A landing window in a contemporary home. Glass beveling, carving, and sculpturing were used to create a one-of-a-kind piece that elegantly plays off of the world behind it.

Etched Glass Doors
Amherst, Virginia

Etched Landscape Glass Doors ©Cain Art Glass 2016, All Rights Reserved

To create the effect of this landscape, we used various mediums from fine to corse to achieve the shading we needed to give this piece depth. The lettering was cut mechanically and the art work hand crafted. A nice combination in this commission.