Contemporary Stained Glass

We work in a studio environment where creativity prevails. Creating each window, one at a time by hand and eye and guarantee that it will never be duplicated, because we believe that our work is a tangible expression of our development as artists. We are happiest when using our minds and hands to explore our imaginations, giving us a deep sense of fulfillment.

The most exciting part of our work is creating an art glass window that starts with an idea, evolves on paper, and then executed in glass. This is why we call ourselves artists/craftsmen.

Flameworked Laylight
Potomac, MD

Flameworking Impressionism
New Kent, Virginia

This is a recent commission to represent two Irish golf courses, one in Ireland, the other in New Kent County, […]

Unitarian Universalist Church of Arlington
Arlington, Virginia

Contemporary Stained Glass Chalice Unitarian Universalist

This window was commissioned by the Unitarian Universalist Church of Arlington Virginia to compliment the new Celebration Hall they had […]

Tree-Top Flameworked and Stained Glass Window
Medford, OR

By attaching individually made fall leaves to our striation-rich, solder sculpted stained glass, we created a “whirlwind” tree-top effect.

Wild Honey – The Beach Boys
Farmville, VA

It’s not often a client comes to our studio with an album cover in hand, requesting that we use the […]

Contemporary Wisteria Flameworked and Stained Glass Window
Chicago, IL

To see more of this project, visit our Facebook page.

The 4 Seasons of Kew Roses
Spencer, VA

We were commissioned to express the 4 seasons of the kew rose in two different transom windows.

3D Flameworked Dogwood Transom
Bremo Bluff, VA

We have reached a new plateau for our work.How fortunate we feel to work in an environment where our ideas […]

Contemporary Autumn Flameworked and Stained Glass Window
Boston, MA

A window we were commissioned to create for a home in Boston, Massachusetts. For more on this project, visit our Facebook page.

Contemporary Flameworked White Lilies
Columbus, Ohio

This window is a combination of many of the techniques we have developed over the years. It is a reflection […]

Flameworked Dogwood Stained Glass

Stained Glass Dogwood Tree
Virginia Beach, VA

This wonderful window is a lovely example of how glass is uniquely able to capture the movement and beauty of […]

Painted Stained Glass Vine
Crewe, VA

This wonderful window was commissioned for a historic home in Crewe Virginia, to compliment the finished renovations. Coming forth from […]

Leaded Stained Glass Tree
Lake Monticello, VA

  This beautiful window was commissioned for a kitchen in a waterfront home on Lake Monticello. In order to not […]

Flame Sculpted Stained Glass
Albequeqe, New Mexico

We were commissioned to create a window that brought the wonderful palette of Autumn to life in a contemporary window. […]

Flame Sculpted Stained Glass
Washington DC

  This window was an exploration in our own unique style, blending beautiful German reamy glass in the background and […]

Sculpted Stained Glass Skylight
Charlottesville, Virginia

A skylight created with beveled glass, sculpturing, and flame working. The white dot is the moon passing through the tree […]

Winter Tree – Sculpted Stained Glass
Warrenton, Virginia

Contemporary Stained Glass Window Tree - Washington DC ©Cain Art Glass 2016, All Rights Reserved

This special window was for a home that wanted something truly unique. Using our sculpted soldering technique, we build the […]

Winchester Medical Center Cardiac Unit
Winchester, Virginia

Winchester Medical Center Stained Glass Flowers and Leaves ©Cain Art Glass 2016, All Rights Reserved

A Contemporary panel we created for Winchester Medical Center’s Cardiac Wing. This panel combined our flameworking, sculpturing, and beveling techniques […]

Flameworked Stained Glass Wisteria
Fork Union, Virginia

Contemporary Art Glass Wisteria ©Cain Art Glass 2016, All Rights Reserved

  This special window was created for a home outside of Fork Union, and our goal was to accentuate the […]

Contemporary Stained Glass Window
Warrenton, VA

  This window brings many of our studios finest skills together into a single piece. Each colored bevel couples hand-blown german glass […]

Contemporary Flameworked Apple Tree
Warrenton, Va

Flameworking is a process we have explored in our studio, with a focus upon trying to capture the translucency of […]

Contemporary Beveled Glass Door
Richmond, Virginia

One of our contemporary windows where we beveled various angles on different thicknesses of glass. Not symmetrical, but balanced, and […]

Art Nouveau Stained Glass Tree and Bird
Nellysford, Virginia

A large window over a Jacques. With the pileated woodpecker as our focal point, we designed a tree that is overgrown […]

The Tobacco Company
Richmond, Va

The Tobacco Company Stained Glass ©Cain Art Glass 2016, All Rights Reserved

A wall of silver mirror and black glass, 22 feet by 9 feet tall, created for the Tobacco Club. The […]

Sculpted Tree Beveled Glass Window
Midlothian, Virginia

A landing window in a contemporary home. Glass beveling, carving, and sculpturing were used to create a one of a […]

Contemporary Art Glass Doors
Buckingham, Virginia

Contemporary Art Glass Doors Virginia ©Cain Art Glass 2016, All Rights Reserved

The iridized glass in this window blended beautifully with the surrounding colors. The delicate beveling in the tops of the […]

Contemporary Beveled Glass
Richmond, Virginia

Contemporary Beveled Glass Window Antique Glass ©Cain Art Glass 2016, All Rights Reserved

The couple we worked with wanted a Caribbean effect. We used antique glass with striations to give the illusion of […]

Stained Glass Lunar Cycle
Nellysford, Virginia

Leaded Stained Glass Lunar Cycle Window ©Cain Art Glass 2016, All Rights Reserved

A window for over the entryway of a contemporary home. Varying lavenders picked up on the colors from the stone […]

Fused Stained Glass Doors
Corolla, NC

Fused Glass Doors North Carolina ©Cain Art Glass 2016, All Rights Reserved

Fused Glass: By cutting the glass slightly larger than the pattern we can overlap the edges and fuse the glass together in […]

St. Peter’s Baptist Church
Richmond, Va

Stained Glass Sun - Richmond, VA ©Cain Art Glass 2016, All Rights Reserved

This window was created for the church choir’s practice room. Our goal was to give a windowless room a bit […]

Beveled Stained Glass Vines
White Hall, Virginia

Beveled Stained Glass Vines - White Hall, Virginia ©Cain Art Glass 2016, All Rights Reserved

A pair of sidelights created for a couple who owns a vineyard. Here we wanted to create the effect of […]

Beveled Glass Entry
Richmond, VA

I created the beveled glass door on the left for a gentleman who was starting his own real estate investment […]

Beveled Glass and Glue Chipped Windows
Richmond, VA

This is a collaboration with the owner of an 1880’s home in Churchill, Virginia. An excellent example of how our […]

Etched Glass Doors
Amherst, Virginia

Etched Landscape Stained Glass Doors ©Cain Art Glass 2016, All Rights Reserved

To create the effect of this landscape, we used various mediums from fine to corse to achieve the shading we […]

Lampworked Lamp
Barboursville, VA

One of my first lampworking projects, a panel for a pool table lamp depicting the fall leaves of a Dogwood […]

Sculpted Apple Tree Window
Lovingston, Virginia

Created for a couple who own an orchard, the only requirement they gave me was that it had to have […]

Objet D’Art
Richmond, VA

I created this wall hanging around 1985, back when I was using a simple point-and-shoot camera. I made the structure […]

Study in Our Studio
Bremo Bluff, Virginia

Flameworked Flowers and Leaves Stained Glass ©Cain Art Glass 2016, All Rights Reserved

By cutting strips of glass from our stock we are able to work the glass over a flame. This gives […]

Art Nouveau Stained Glass
Charlottesville, Va

Contemporary Art Nouveau Iridized Stained Glass ©Cain Art Glass 2016, All Rights Reserved

Iridized “turtle back jewels” first used by Tiffany surrounded by iridized stained glass. Plays beautifully with reflected light.

Contemporary Seasons
Troy, VA

It’s rare that we get a project where we’re only working with reflective light. This is only the 3rd one […]

Stained Glass Silvering
Richmond, Virginia

Beveled Stained Glass Mirror ©Cain Art Glass 2016, All Rights Reserved

After hand beveling each piece of glass we created an “antique” mirror effect by contaminating sliver nitrate and silvering the […]

Painted Stained Glass Bears
Richmond, Virginia

Painted Stained Glass Bears Window ©Cain Art Glass 2016, All Rights Reserved

What a fun window. It started out as a bear’s head centered in a traditional window. Evolving through our exchange […]

Beveled Gluechip Glass Window
Charlottesville, Virginia

Contemporary Beveled Gluechip Glass Window ©Cain Art Glass 2016, All Rights Reserved

A beautiful example of two old glass working processes used in a contemporary way. Glue chipping and glass beveling were […]

Contemporary Sculpted Stained Glass
Richmond, Virginia

Contemporary Sculpted Stained Glass ©Cain Art Glass 2016, All Rights Reserved

A colorful and playful stained, beveled, and sculptured window for a traditional entryway. One of a pair, these windows give an […]

Contemporary Stained Glass Entryway
Richmond, Virginia

By adhering stained glass to the back of our bevels we were able to give a jewel like effect to […]

“First Frost” Sculpted Window

Sculpted Vine Stained Glass Window ©Cain Art Glass 2016, All Rights Reserved

One in a series of windows we created to simulate the last few days of fall in the vineyard. Beveling […]

Leaded Glass Windows
Richmond, Virginia

Leaded Glass Windows Richmond Va ©Cain Art Glass 2016, All Rights Reserved

The small squares at the bottom of black beveled glass embellished the curtains above and still gave our client their view over the kitchen […]

Contemporary Beveled Glass Transom
Midlothian, Virginia

Contemporary Beveled Stained Glass Window Richmond VA Cain Art Glass, All Rights Reserved

One of our contemporary beveled glass windows with various beveling techniques on different thicknesses and textures of glass. The lines in the […]

Stained Glass Quilt
Richmond, Virginia

Contemporary Stained Glass Quilt ©Cain Art Glass 2016, All Rights Reserved

A quilt influenced design for a series of doors into a “South West” room. We used many different colors of […]