Those of us in the art glass field have developed in many different ways. Most of us are self directed and have developed our own unique art and levels of competency.

This gives you a wide range of styles and pricing to choose from.

We learned many years ago that to produce one-of-a-kind, hand made objects, and to work on the level of care and attention that we wanted to, we would have to keep our expenses as low as possible in order to direct the money that was allocated for the project to be used for it’s development.

This is why we work in a barn in rural Virginia. We do not have a sales force, a secretary, and obviously we have very low overhead. Our dedication to organization, efficiency, and willingness to put forth the effort has allowed us to make a living while developing our art for the past 46 years.

We work directly with you, no middle man, to not only keep our cost down, but to ensure clear communication that is so vital to a successful project.

We start each project by sharing ideas about design, materials, and schedule. From there I give a budget range that I believe the project will require. If this meets your approval, we then work out the details that are mutual to both of us.

Telephone – 434.842.3984

We are near our office phone when in the studio, but there is an answering machine if we can’t make it or are on site. Please feel free to leave a message with a contact number so we can get back in touch with you.

Email –

By far the most effective way to reach us, this ensures that there it is an easy reference to the job on our computer. We check our email regularly, and send all of our photographic updates via email.


765 Bremo Bluff Road
Bremo Bluff, Virginia  23022